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Nano Living System provides a multitude of Eco-building solutions for groups and individuals throughout all sectors of the building industry, from start to finish.


Nano Composite Wall - N.C.W.

The Nano Composite Wall (NCW) is a thermally insulated strucutral composite wall and roof system that can be used in various developments, including but not limited to single family, multi-family, commercial and industrial projects. The NCW is a pre-engineered composite wall system that is manufacutred offsite in a computer controlled environment for maximum quality assurance and minimal waste... Go to Page


Renewable Energy Systems - R.E.S.

Nano Living System provides a range of renewable energy systems that harness natural and infinite natural resources, such as solar and wind, without impact to the environment. NLS also supplies additional automated systems that help to reduce energy consumption... Go to Page


Water Collection and Recycling Systems - W.C.S.

Nano Living System offers various water collection and recycling systems, including above ground water collection systems, below ground water collections systems, fully integrated gray water recycling systems and black water recycling systems... Go to Page


Eco-Finishing Materials - E.F.M.

Nano Living System supplies an array of eco-friendly finishing materials including flooring, roofing, exterior cladding/siding, interior wall cladding and windows... Go to Page


Space Saving Technologies - S.S.T.

Nano Living System has developed and supplies a series of space saving devices that maximize small spaces without sacrificing comfort or privacy... Go to Page