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Renewable Energy Systems

Solar PV Panels

Nano Living System currently offers a variety of monocrystaline and polycrystaline solar PV panels. Options range from more “cost effective” options to a “highest yielding wattage” approach.


Solar Water Collectors

Solar water collectors are famous for their performance and competitive pricing in the hot water production sector. Solar water heating systems are an excellent source for warm water for household use, as well as for pool heating.


Solar Roof Tiles

Another, more aesthetic approach to solar energy is the use of solar roof tiles. Though energy yielding capabilities have not quite reached those of solar PV panels, they offer an alternative to the sometimes “bulky” appearance of traditional solar panels.


Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are an excellent source of renewable energy and a great compliment to the use solar panels. Such hybrid solutions allow for more energy production throughout various weather conditions and times during the absence of sun.


Heat Exchange Systems

Heat Exchange Systems are exceptional additions to ventilated heating/cooling systems. Exchange systems help to “pre-heat” cool incoming air in cooler climates and “pre-cool” incoming air in warmer climates, thus reducing energy consumption. In addition, exchange systems also help to remove moisture and humidity from areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.